Economic Empowerment

Thanks to constantly advancing technology, our nation’s oil and gas boom has resulted in major job gains. As previous decades saw declines in America’s industrial economy, good jobs with traditional hours, middle class wages and benefits have begun to be the exception rather than the rule.

constructionDespite challenges, California remains one of America’s top five oil producing states. Jobs in refineries, oil fields and all aspects of the supply chain offer people access to a middle class life. In fact, with the proper training, many workers can earn six figure incomes within just a few years of being hired in an entry-level position.

The Coalition of Energy Users Foundation’s Economic Empowerment program is a new initiative designed to facilitate access to good jobs in the oil and gas industry in underserved communities. We aim to make young adults aware of the steps they need to take to embark on a career path that offers a promising future, including training programs and financial aid that is available.

Furthermore, we plan to offer Economic Empowerment Grants to young adults embarking on an educational program with the goal of a job in the oil and gas industry.

We are currently fundraising to offer 10 $500 grants. To those donors who sponsor a full $500 grant, we will name your award after you and tell you who was selected to receive the scholarship. You also can partner with a friend for $250 each to share sponsorship of a grant.

Use the button to donate to the Coalition of Energy Users Foundation’s Economic Empowerment grant fund.

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