Oak Park Energy Forum

Citizens from diverse backgrounds were unified in Sacramento’s inner city community of Oak Park for access to affordable energy and quality jobs.

Panelists included:

  • John McDonald, Silego Technology
    Entrepreneur with one of America’s fastest growing startup companies on providing affordable and reliable power to fuel the high tech jobs of tomorrow
  • Al Wilson, Business Development and Vocational Training Expert
    Mr. Wilson has a distinguished record in increasing community empowerment through vocational training and business development assistance in Sacramento’s inner city community
  • Adrian Perez, SacLatino Magazine
    Mr. Perez is CEO of POP-9 Communications, which presents a number of online and print publications focused on the English-speaking Latino market.  They include SacLatino Magazine, The Journal On Latino Americans, The Perez Factor, Vida de Oro and The Del Paso News
  • Tom Tanton, T2 and Associates
    Energy expert with 40 years of direct and responsible experience in energy technology and legislative interface on the Monterey Shale’s potential to restore California prosperity
  • Bishop Dr. Ron Allen, International Faith Based Coalition/Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches
    Political liaison for thousands of inner city churches on the role of the Monterey Shale in empowering underserved communities

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